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In many small villages in India, the stone mills grind fresh flour daily. This becomes the main ingredient for the delicious simple, wholesome and healthy flat breads or "chapatis" which are baked one at a time on hot metal plates.

In many parts of France, rustic "levain" sourdough bread is displayed in storefront windows of artisan bakeries: crusty and tangy breads made by hand by proud, hard-working artisan bakers.

In North America, golden organic baguettes baked in wood fired brick ovens are available at local farmer's markets.

All of these scenarios have one thing in common: traditional baking: timeless ways of transforming basic ingredients into life sustaining real food. Traditional baking has been with mankind since the days of ancient Egypt. No doubt it has evolved yet remains true to some basic fundamental concepts that are more about health and nutrition than profit.

a) Honor what is Real (Getting back to basic real food)

b) Respect the Source (Using whole organic ingredients, in harmony with nature)

To better understand these two simple rules of thumb please read the article: Bio-Integrity for Better Health.

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