Organic Lactic Acid Fermented Pickles: Photos


(Traditional Ukrainian Pickles)

Organic lactic acid fermented pickles fermented naturally with only sea salt, garlic, and dill weed, are different than pickles made with vinegar. The natural taste and texture is sour, tart, crisp and full of flavour, and most of all, delicious and good for you!! RECIPE

organic pickling cukes

 Fresh organic cucumbers ready for pickling

making lactic acid fermented pickles in crock

Fresh organic cucumbers in the pickling crock

lactic_acid _fermented_pickles

Organic Lactic Acid Fermented Pickles

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Organic Lactic Acid Fermented Pickles~~Organic Lactic Acid Fermented Pickles~~Organic Lactic Acid Fermented Pickles~~

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