Spirit Bear Body Care 

All Natural Tooth Powder

A pure, non-toxic alternative to toothpaste ( Air Travel Friendly! )  

*A concentrated all natural zesty tasting tooth cleaning mixture and breath freshener. *Free of chemical foaming agents: no sodium lauryl sulphate. 

How to use Spirit Bear All Natural Tooth Powder: a tiny amount on the end of a moist toothbrush is all you need. A small amount mixed in water makes an effective anti-bacterial instant mouthwash. Tastes salty-minty.

Complete Ingredient list:

Therapeutic Essential Oils:

Peppermint: *antiseptic, astringent. *reduces bad breath. *reduces inflammation of the gums.
Organic Tea Tree Oil: *relieves bad breath. *heals infected gums. *antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral.

Base Ingredients: 

Arrowroot Powder: *a gentle, neutral, non-abrasive natural ingredient.

Unrefined Sea Salt: high quality natural unrefined sea salt. High in minerals and micro-nutrients for health. Gentle and friendly to the human system. (unlike refined salt). Water soluble. Will not scratch or damage the tooth enamel.
Baking Soda: a gentle, non-abrasive, natural tooth cleaning ingredient which whitens the teeth and freshens the breath.

*Please note: our base ingredients have been carefully selected by the following criteria: they are not harder than the tooth enamel therefore they are safe to use. Clay is mainly silica which is the same chemically as very fine sand, (the main component of glass), and is much harder than the tooth enamel. We would never put clay in our tooth powder for that reason.

Packaging: Dark brown glass jar.

Spirit Bear Tooth Powder

net wt  4/5 oz. / 24g.


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~~natural organic tooth powder~~no sodium lauryl sulphate~~natural organic tooth powder~~no sodium lauryl sulphate~~